tue-fri 12-18, sat 12-17, or by appointment.

Claesgatan 8
Malmö Sweden



Helgrose is a unisex clothing label based in Malmö Sweden making workwear inspired pieces using organic cottons and up-cycled vintage materials. Originally based in Melbourne Australia, Helgrose was founded by Birgitta Helmersson and Sam Grose at the beginning of 2018. The Studio Store is an open area incorporating both retail store and workshop in the one space, allowing a glimpse into the behind the scenes of our every day workings. We design and develop all pieces in-house from initial concept, to pattern making, grading and manufacturing. All Helgrose pieces are made in small runs with an emphasis on making well made, every day, functional pieces, that will stand the test of time.




At the HELGROSE studio we work with a zero waste production model, using all of our post production textile off-cuts to make new pieces.

The ways in which we utilise our textile remnants at HELGROSE includes:

  • Garments made using zero-waste patter-making, eliminating waste right from the start; products using this method will be specified in all product descriptions in our online shop.

  • Patch-worked garments. One of a kind pieces made using textile remnants big enough to be sewn together and made into new garments.

  • Rag rugs woven from remnants. Small pieces of fabric scraps are cut into strips, sewn together and used as yarn and woven into rugs using our vintage Swedish loom. 

  • Soft furnishings. This currently includes textural floor cushions and unique textiles for upholstery applications.

We are constantly exploring new ways of using our textiles in the studio and are always open to special commissions within soft furnishings and customised textile applications for home and business interiors. If you have a project in mind we would love to hear from you:



At Helgrose we spend a long time sourcing our fabrics and endeavour to use textiles which are made as ethically and sustainably as possible. Our core collection is made using Organic GOTS certified cotton, organic raw denim and Lithuanian linen, finished with high quality corozo nut buttons. 

We also use re-purposed and second hand materials, including second hand wool blankets, re-purposed fabric swatches and vintage yardage materials.

You can find detailed information on where our fabrics and notions are sourced in the item description of each product in our online shop.




All HELGROSE pieces are made in-house in our Malmö studio,  this means that we have the opportunity to customise and make to order so that you can end up with a garment that fits you well, and in turn is more loved and stays with you longer. We have a studio equipped with industrial machines and iron, cutting table and antique Swedish loom.  We work on every process from start to finish, including pattern-making, grading, cuttting, applying buttons and button holes, weaving, and hand finishing.

For custom sizing enquiries please contact: