Re-purposing vintage textiles to make new clothing

Sam and I have been working away on a new small collection of pieces made from re-purposed vintage textiles. On our last visit to my grandparents farm in Skåne we discovered some fabrics in the attic which were seriously beautiful. My grandmother would have collected these over many years with plans to one day make something from them, like many with an interest in sewing do. I have been using re-purposed and found fabrics in my work for some time now, in particular using recycled wool blankets to make coats here. I have always wanted to make this a bigger part of the fabrics we use, rather than just buying in new. Even if we use sustainably sourced textiles such as organic and textiles made from recycled content, making new still has such a big negative impact on our planet. There are so many unused textiles out there just waiting to be given new life, so Sam began gathering more over the last couple of months, from local second-hand stores in Malmö. I must say he has done a smashing job of it and I feel like this can just be his main gig from now on.

The below pieces are all one of a kind or limited run, made using re-purposed vintage fabrics. The orange/white/blue stripe kimono shirt is a particular favourite of mine, made from some of the fabric we found on my family’s farm, there was only a small amount left, which meant I had to strategically cut it up to make a whole jacket, hence the panelling work and contrast facings used to highlight this piece. This is something I particularly love about re-purposing found textiles, you need to work with what you have and you can end up with some really interesting elements to the garment you may not have had otherwise, there are no mistakes, you just work it out as you go. And off-course keeping it a family affair as always, here at Helgrose, my sister Anna is looking damn fine wearing it all (Anna also makes damn fine edgy cool dark and moody electronic music too, you should definitely check it out here).

You can shop the new pieces here.

Thanks for reading and we hope you like these as much as we do…

Birgitta x

re-purposed vintage textile workwear jacket

re-purposed vintage textile workwear jacket back view
candy stripe culottes and floral vintage fabric shirt
workwear jacket made from vintage floral fabric
workwear jacket made from vintage floral fabric